What is Lean Manufacturing?

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Lean manufacturing is a manufacturing philosophy of efficiency which, when implemented, shortens the time between customer order and factory shipment by eliminating waste or as the Japanese call it the Muda.

Lean manufacturing "Uses less of everything compared with mass production--half the human effort in the factory, half the manufacturing floor space, half the investment in tools, half the engineering hours to develop a new product in half the time. Also, it requires keeping far less than half the needed inventory on site (and) results in . . . fewer defects. . ." Source: The Machine that Changed the World

Therefore, Lean Manufacturing (Mfg) can be defined as the identification and removal of all non-value-added activities. It is a manufacturing philosophy which shortens the time line between the customer order and the product shipment by eliminating waste.

The goal of Lean Manufacturing is to eleminate the muda (the waste). Taiichi Ohno's indentifies 7 common Mudas: over-production ahead of demand, waiting for the next processing step, unnecessary tranport of materials, over processing of part due to poor tool and product design, inventories more than the absolete minimum, unnecessary movement by employees during the course of their work and production of defective parts.

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